Focus your training & hit your goals faster.

Bring your boxing workout to life.

CORNER tracks your workout in real time, giving you live results - including punches and combo breakdown per session (straights, hooks and uppercuts), speed, punch force and much more. Set your goals, see your results, train like a champ, get faster and stronger, and hit your training target with CORNER.

CORNER Punch Trackers
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Revolutionary punch trackers designed for boxing training.

CORNER is engineered to enhance the extreme training of the world’s top fighters, yet effective for the everyday fitness enthusiast or athlete. With years of development and rigorous testing with athletes, fighters and coaches - we now bring you the ultimate punch tracking technology and robust app that changes the game of boxing training for good.

Industry-leading in accuracy, useful metrics and ease of use, while introducing new functionality on the regular including hands-free modes, social sharing and more.

CORNER measures the number of punches, speed, intensity, power output, top combinations and much more - all with supreme accuracy, so you can make your workout count - and improve in the moment or over time.

Jump into your next round! the pros are in your Corner.


Intuitive Design

Small, Sweat-proof, and comfortable. Barely noticeable on your wrist, no impact to your training session or fight. Box as normal and Corner will bring your session to life.


Real-Time Data

Track punch type, speed, power, intensity and top combinations. All the data you need to support your training. CORNER tracks over 1000 moves/second giving the highest accuracy output, real time.


Visible Results

Set goals and work to target. Set your specific training goals in the app - and then give it your all. Motivating you to hit harder, move faster, and improve with CORNER.


Smart Tech

Focus on your training. Choose from multiple settings - time rounds automatically, or start/stop at your cadence. NEW Hands-free mode allows you to adjust screens and widgets on the fly!


The People we Punch With.
Our ambassadors are best in class athletes, fighters & coaches. Here are their stories, and how they use CORNER.


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“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing.
You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things
right once in a while, you do them right all the time.
Winning is habit”

Vince Lombardi